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Broadband Without Phone Line introductionBroadband Without Phone Line

High Speed Internet for Everyone


  • Find the best deals available in the UK today
  • BT or other landlines NOT required
  • Almost universal coverage - wherever you live, you can get broadband
  • We constantly check prices so you can be sure you are getting the best price
  • Ideal for rural homes and business, even those in remote locations
  • Solutions for students, those on the move and everyone else
  • Solutions for all devices, including IPads, tablets, PCs and laptops
  • Short term contracts and high data options available

Satellite broadband iconSatellite Broadband


  • Available everywhere in the UK - if you can see the sky, you can get satellite broadband
  • Phone lines NOT required
  • Speeds up to 10Mbps
  • Unlimited download options available


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Mobile broadband iconMobile Broadband


  • From as little as £3 a month
  • Extensive coverage across the UK
  • No strings attached, no contract deals available
  • Phone line or mobile phone - NOT required
  • Massive selection of products from six different providers


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Cable broadband iconCable Broadband


  • Awesomely fast - up to 100Mbps download speeds available
  • A BT or cable landline is NOT required
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Fantastic deals and offers


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About Us

We are the UK's number 1 website specialising in high speed internet for the home or office without the need for a telephone line. We are independent and impartial, providing detailed information plus the best prices and deals so you can compare with confidence.

From £3 a month

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